Mrs Hinch sparks concern as she shares giant bruises on legs amid blood disorder

Mrs Hinch has opened up on her blood disorder battle after sparking concern with a video of her bruised legs.

The 32 year old, who was recently left emotional as her son Ronnie, two, said his brother's name for the first time, first took to her Instagram stories to post a short clip of herself with her bare leg covered in massive purple bruises.

"Why does my blood have to play up as soon as the sun's out? Thought I could maybe get my legs out… This is why I never really wear skirts or shorts or anything guys because my blood is a little bit of a nightmare," she shared as she moved her leg to show the bruising.

Over this, she added: "Typical that the sun is out and blood plays up THIS is why I wear winter clothes in the summer guys I get so worried about going out when it's sunny ! My arms are the same too at the moment. Bloody reality eh (excuse the pun)," followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

Shortly after this, Mrs Hinch was inundated with messages from her worried 4.4 million followers, as many asked what condition she has.

Returning to the social media platform, the cleaning guru looked gorgeous with her blonde mane down as she explained: "Sorry, this is a bit of a boring post, but my inbox has gone a bit mad about the bruising. Nothing bad has happened. I should've explained.

"Basically, I have a blood disorder basically. My blood clots really easily. So I'm always on blood thinners. I've had a blood clot in the past, but it's been stented now to help the blood flow… I'm covered in them all the time basically."

She wrote over this: "I have a thrombotic blood clotting disorder".

The star, who recently revealed a super simple 27p item that removes stains, also reposted a message from a fan who said: "I'm sorry to be nosey but can I ask what condition you have.

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"My legs look exactly the same and I'm getting nowhere with my GP and I'm so embarrassed to show or tell any of my friends or family. Winter clothes all year round for me as well xxx," with a sad face emoji.

Mrs Hinch replied: "This message really got me. Let's both where skirts today," with a winking emoji and a red heart emoji.

She continued: "Sending lots of love to you I can't give advice but please get in touch with a Hemophilia, coagulation team they can check your blood levels".

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