MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch gets into scuffle at the Polo Bar

Dinner came with a show at the Polo Bar on Tuesday night when Donny Deutsch got physical with another man whom he thought was bothering a table of four women.

Deutsch, the MSNBC contributor who made a fortune in advertising, had previously bought the women a round of drinks when he saw the unknown man at their table.

“He was rude. He was being a jerk to these women,” said one witness amid the likes of Ralph Lauren, Chris O’Donnell and MSNBC exec John Wald.

“Donny came up to him and said, ‘I think it’s time for you to move on,’ and he got in Donny’s face.”

Deutsch, who challenged President Trump to a fight last year, grabbed the man by the throat and screamed, “Let’s take it outside,” before some men broke them up.

Witnesses say the women thanked Deutsch for intervening, and that the man was thrown out.

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