MTV Producers Reportedly Pushing ‘Teen Mom 2′ Stars To Discuss Jenelle Evans’ Alleged Domest

Jenelle Evans‘ side of the most recent controversial alleged domestic abuse incident with husband David Eason sure is getting told… and MTV producers are reportedly making sure of that!

According to a new report, Teen Mom 2 producers don’t believe the star’s version of events about Eason’s alleged domestic assault, and so they’re asking the show’s other stars to discuss the incident during filmed segments as well.

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A source told The Ashley blog (below):

“Jenelle filmed about it with Barbara and basically said they were both super drunk and she just tripped and fell into David and they both thought the other was attacking them, so that’s how it got blown out of proportion and why she called 911. The story was really out there.”

Uhhh… what?! Really???

And even beyond that, there’s the issue of asking the other stars to discuss the drama — apparently behind Jenelle’s back!

Sources confirm that Briana DeJesusKailyn LowryChelsea Houska, and Leah Messer were asked to talk about what happened without their costar even being aware of the fact that producers were spreading her personal drama!

The source (below):

“Jenelle is not aware that the other girls were asked to do this, either, which is even more messed up … Once the crew members heard about it, a lot of them were talking about how wrong it was that the producers were being instructed to get their girls to discuss this just to make scenes out of it.”

No kidding!!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Are producers going too far in airing out Jenelle’s dirty laundry to everyone else for show content or what??

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