Nadia Essex on Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne ‘split’

Hi darlings!

So Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne have split but, 
by the sounds of things, she’s keen to keep it civil 
by saying she still wants him at the birth – which I think is really inspirational.

No matter how amicable 
a break-up is, it can get messy, so the fact she 
still wants to include him, respect him as the child’s father and not use the children as a weapon – 
I take my hat off to her.


She’s a great role model because she’s putting the needs of her kids before her own, which is what parenting is all about.


Now, how can I help you guys out?

Dear Nadia,

My other half doesn’t 
want children, but I do. How can we overcome 
this barrier?

N: You can’t. You can’t change a man. The only choice 
you’ve got is to finish with him and find a man who does. 
It’s not fair for you to go into 
a relationship thinking you can change someone. And, 
if you do trap him, he’s always going to resent you because he didn’t want a child. Move on! Fundamentally, he’s 
not your soulmate.

Dear Nadia,

My boyfriend has a foot 
fetish and is keen to suck 
my toes before sex, but the idea freaks me out. How do 
I deal with this?

N: I mean, if you haven’t tried 
it, then how do you know it 
will freak you out? The idea 
of eating oysters freaked me out, but when I tried them 
they were delicious and now 
I can’t get enough! You’ve got 
to give it a go. It will tickle, but you’ll get into it. Ultimately, watching your partner get turned on by you is sexy.

Dear Nadia,

I love my partner but he’s never given me an orgasm. He’d be mortified if he knew – how can we fix this?

N: This is a tough one. If you have orgasms when you’re 
by yourself, then you need to guide him in the bedroom, telling him what you like. 
Turn foreplay into a game, where you are the master and he is your slave and has to do everything you like. Watching himself please you will stick 
in his brain and then in future he’ll do the same things.

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