Naga Munchetty hits back at BBC Breakfast viewer who hates her ‘with a passion’

Naga Munchetty reflects on how long she's worked at the BBC

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Naga Munchetty of BBC Breakfast has retweeted the wrath of one Twitter follower who spoke of how they “hate her with a passion” and delivered a sarcastic retort, which she signed off with a kiss. The furious debate began after she opted to appear at the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations dressed in unconventional colours.

She has an acknowledged loathing of British history, the monarchy and think’s it’s okay to mock our flag

@SilentM85649515 on Twitter

Instead of choosing to represent the Union Jack flag colours of red, white and blue in her outfit, Naga opted for blue and yellow.

Some speculated this could have been a show of support for Ukraine – but one Twitter user took exception and launched a fiery debate.

“She has an acknowledged loathing of British history, the monarchy and think’s it’s okay to mock our flag,” @SilentM85649515 wrote.

“Was the flag mocking @TVNaga01 wearing EU colours to our Queens jubilee celebrations today?” she queried.

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“Why is this Union flag hating woman even there? The Queen deserves better.”

The tweeter added her view that the bright yellow scarf Naga was wearing seemed inappropriate for the warm June weather.

@Richard49058624 answered: “God I hate that woman with a passion @DefundBBC.”

Naga then waded into the debate by offering a personal reply.

“Ooh. You are passionate about me… am taking it. X” she joked.

The tweet, sent out to her 272,000 followers, was met with a flood of sympathetic comments from her devotees.

@gvheard replied: “Obviously @Richard49058624 feels that any woman that asks intelligent questions… shouldn’t.

“As someone of the older generation, please continue to do the superb job you always do. And hold all politicians to account.”

@butler19781 chimed in: “Thank god Naga is thick-skinned and comes back with sarcasm and humour… Why do people have to be so nasty?”

@EziMizen answered: “Because they have nothing good in their lives. We all give out what we have. Nastiness is all they’ve got.”

The tweeter who hated her with a passion challenged their point of view by attaching a photo of The Sun columnist Mercy Muroki wearing a Union Flag dress for the event.

“Here’s an example not only of how to look, but how to behave,” he exclaimed.

However, Laurap_71 shrugged off Naga’s perhaps unorthodox choice of clothing, telling her: “Personally I thought you were coming out in support of Ukrainians.”

She added that the presenter had brought her “so much pleasure over the last couple of days”.

Other viewers praised her “witty” comeback, attaching memes urging her detractors to “put some ice on that burn”.

However @Marryat999 was unconvinced by her attitude, challenging: “You’d think for one weekend only she could have gone red, white and blue!”

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