Naomie Harris Says Her Film ‘Black & Blue’ Embodies Everything That She’s Wanted To Be A Part Of!

Naomie Harris keeps it chic and sophisticated while attending the Atlanta special screening of her film Black & Blue held at The Plaza Theatre on Wednesday (October 23) in Atlanta, Ga.

The 43-year-old actress was accompanied at the event by her co-stars Tyrese Gibson and Nafessa Williams, as well as the film’s director Deon Taylor.

In Black and Blue, Naomie plays a black rookie cop who accidentally captures corrupt officers killing a young drug dealer on her body cam. The rest of the film is dedicated to her mission of exposing the cops with the footage, all while fighting to survive their wrath and that of the people she grew up with, most of whom are unwilling to help her because of her occupation.

“This film embodies everything that I’ve always wanted to be a part of. Here, we have a female lead who is the moral compass of the movie… and she’s not valued because of her sexuality or anything like that,” Naomie expressed (via THR). “It’s just that she is a badass. She’s a kickass, strong, fierce, independent, hugely intelligent and morally strong female. So I loved that. Then I also love the fact that it’s a movie that is super exciting. It keeps you on the edge of your seat but also talks about things that are socially relevant.”

Black & Blue will be out in theaters on Friday, October 25th – check out the trailer here!

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