Natalia Dyer Says The Delay in Season Four of ‘Stranger Things’ Is A Blessing in Disguise

Natalia Dyer is opening up about the delay in Stranger Things that was caused by the coronavirus pandemic and says that it’s actually a blessing.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about the hit Netflix series, the 25-year-old actress explained that the delay in getting back to set is most likely a “blessing for the writers.”

Natalia shared that they have had more time to “just sit down, think, and create.”

“Normally, we get the first few scripts, and then they have to keep writing due to the schedule of it,” she added. “It takes a while to craft a script. So, normally, there’s a kind of ‘writing as we’re going’, but it seems they’ve had enough time.”

Natalia, who plays Nancy Wheeler on the show, did hint that season four is now completely written and polished and she’s excited to get back on set.

“I’m excited by the scripts. I’m excited for everything that this season is going to be,” she says.

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