Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde slam radio host for baby comment

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey have furiously hit out at a radio presenter after he joked that their baby son Freddie was ‘probably a mistake’.

The couple slammed talkSPORT host Alan Brazil for making the comment, which happened during a discussion with pundit Adrian Durham on his show who was trying to explain why he’s a fan of Love Island.

‘There’s already been a Love Island baby, so if it works for a couple of people, then why not?’ Adrian said, prompting Alan to reply: ‘Money. Dollar signs, that’s all they’re after. See how much they earned last year?’

Adrian argued back: ‘They haven’t had a baby just for money, have they? Surely? They must be in love.’


This led Alan to say: ‘No, that was probably a mistake wasn’t it? A bit of fun. “Oh, hello, I’ve got something to tell you. What?”’

Nathan, 25, was outraged when he caught wind of the remark and voiced his anger on social media.

‘how dare you call my son a mistake , if u want to talk about my son and think you know everything let’s have a chat man to man live on air,’ the reality star tweeted on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile Cara – who gave birth to Freddie-George in December – was just as upset and didn’t hold back from showing this.

‘Lovely thing for a mother to these after 12 hours of labour….you should be ashamed talking about a 6month baby like that hidden away behind the safety of the radio,’ the new mum posted on Twitter.

‘@talkSPORT any response from yourself would be nice or clearly you support this kind of behaviour on your station.

‘Absolutely disgraceful just heard the full conversation & @alanbrazil anything from you? big enough to say it on air, so why not respond to the ‘mistakes’ mother’

Many fans have showed their support for the couple following the row.

‘No need for it – your son is beautiful,’ one commented about Alan’s remark, whilst another said: ‘Such a horrid and irrelevant thing to say about any baby’

Meanwhile one wrote: ‘If he wasn’t planned he was a surprise!!! Certainly not a mistake’

To this Cara replied: ‘Exactly’

Cara and Nathan – who won Love Island in 2016 – welcomed son Freddie-George following a brief split last year.

Since then they’ve been very loved-up and Freddie even made his reality TV debut when the family appeared on TOWIE recently.

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