National Drink Wine Day 2019: See Kate Middleton, Justin Bieber & More Stars Sipping On Vino

Move over Presidents’ Day, there’s a more important holiday we need to celebrate: National Drink Wine Day! Get in the spirit by looking through pics of celebs enjoying nice glasses of red and white.

Happy National Drink Wine Day! The holiday, which lands on Feb. 18, is all about sipping vino so obviously this is cause for celebration. Sure, today also happens to be Presidents’ Day – but that just means after you score all of the best deals, you can kick back with a glass of red or white wine. (Or drink while you do your shopping online!)

While we’d love to make a toast and clink glasses right about now, we decided to see which of our favorite celebs would also be excited to know about today’s theme. Everyone from Kate Middleton to Justin Bieber has proven to love indulging in wine, so we rounded up some of the best photos of them doing just that!

One of our favorite pics comes courtesy of the Biebs who didn’t hold back from chugging champagne straight from the bottle at the Monaco Formula One 1 Grand Prix in Monte Carlo on May 29, 2016. Seriously, that’s a mood if there ever was one.

Kendall Jenner is another star who fancies a glass of pinot. Back in May 2018, she shared a photo of herself sipping a glass of red wine while sitting on the edge of a bathtub in nothing but Calvin Klein underwear and a towel on her head. Casual. TBH, drinking a glass of wine in the bathtub sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate this holiday. Yeah, you know what, we’re gonna go do that. Celebrate National Drink Wine Day by checking out which celebrities love the boozy beverage in the gallery above!

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