Nelly Furious W/ Haney-Lomachenko Decision, Swears Off Boxing

Nelly is so pissed judges awarded Devin Haney the win over Vasiliy Lomachenko, he says he’s done watching the sport — he’s finished with boxing!

And, the 3x Grammy award winner isn’t alone … lots of fans are pissed off at yet another controversial decision.

“I’m just letting y’all know I am done with boxing,” the 48-year-old rapper said. “They will never get another motherf***ing dime out of me.”

“This is a travesty! I am done with boxing!”

Devin Haney exchanges punches with Vasyl Lomachenko

The highly contested fight went down Saturday night in Las Vegas … and went the full 12-rounds. Two judges scored the fight 115-113 (7 rounds to 5), and the third judge had it 16-112 (8 rounds to 4).

Boxing star Shakur Stevenson is also of the belief that Loma was screwed, saying he scored it 8 rounds to 4 rounds.

“Lomachenko won,” Stevenson said after the fight. “I thought it was robbery. Lomachenko won.”

Of course, Team Loma also believes they were screwed … and say they plan to appeal the decision to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

“Somebody needs to end this injustice,” Lomachenko’s manager Egis Klimas said during the post-fight press conference.

“Those judges’ scoring is completely insane, and they do not understand how those fighters are working hard to get into a place and to be robbed like that, it’s not acceptable.”

It’s yet another controversy in the sport of boxing … and it comes a week after a highly controversial stoppage in Rolly Romero and Ismael Barroso match.

Despite the controversy, Haney’s trainer/dad Bill Haney said his son won the fight in convincing fashion, and said there was no need for a rematch.

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