NFL Omits Ray Rice From Arian Foster's Jersey Collection Video

The NFL omitted Ray Rice‘s jersey from a viral video that former Houston Texans star Arian Foster posted on Thursday morning.

In Foster’s clip, the ex-running back showed off a bevy of signed, game-worn jerseys that he had accumulated throughout his career.

There were some big names in the pile — Jason Witten, Troy Polamalu, Andrew Luck, Tony Gonzalez and Ray Lewis — and, at one point, Rice’s uniform was revealed too.

However, when the official NFL Twitter account shared Arians’ vid, Rice’s jersey was edited out of the clip.

Foster noticed the change, and tweeted about it a short time later … saying, “lmao y’all cut out ray rice.”

It’s unclear what the league’s intentions were with the removal — it should be pointed out, they also left out a few other jerseys, including former Texans punter Shane Lechler‘s.

But, it is certainly notable, considering the league’s history with Rice. You’ll recall, it suspended him indefinitely following his now-infamous elevator attack on his then-fiancee in Atlantic City in 2014, essentially ending the running back’s pro football career.

We’ve reached out to the league for comment on the omission … but so far, no word back yet.

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