Nicki Minaj Slammed As ‘Dramatic’ For Freaking Out While Getting A Tattoo: ‘It Doesn’t Hurt That Bad’

Some fans are making fun of Nicki Minaj for screaming while getting a wrist tattoo! Watch the footage from her Instagram live and see if you agree with them, that she was apparently being too ‘dramatic’!

Nicki Minaj has her fair share of tattoos, but you would think she was getting her first by the way she reacted to a session on June 11! Nicki live streamed her session with artist Ryan Henry of Black Ink Crew Chicago fame, and you would think it was going terribly! While the tattooing itself looked like it was flawless, Nicki was screaming bloody murder, moaning, and sobbing the entire time. Oh my god! Watch the recording of her live stream and be sure to put on your headphones — it’s loud.

The fans watching the live stream were making fun of her reaction, and hard, too. They mocked her for crying because, “it doesn’t hurt that bad” to get a tattoo. Hey, everyone’s pain threshold is different, but they felt that she was way overreacting to the experience. Some of the insults and jokes lobbed at “cry baby” Nicki included:

“I’ve had shoulder surgery & tattoos I understand pain however, I’m reacting to how dramatic she’s being”

“Nicki if you don’t stop with that baby style screaming 😩😂😂😂”

“Shorty needs numbing cream!!!!!!!”

“She sounds annoying asf”

“Crying off a tattoo the size of a bottle cap 😑😧”

“The wrist don’t even hurt lmfao”

“I screamed when Out one x when i was in labor then I was like damn was that me”

“If she think a tatt hurt, wait until it’s time to give birth lol”

“My pain tolerance must be high because tattoos do not hurt like that. Makes sense why she only got one tattoo 😂😂😂”

Some even thought that she was faking her dramatic reaction to get attention! They also accused her of being under the influence during her appointment. “I really think she’s bored or not getting enough attention!!!”, one person commented, with another chiming in with, “she’s Annoying af ! like she really wanna put on a show 😩😂 sis TRY AGAIN . 💀”.

However, there were fans defending her, as well. “Ummm the inner wrist is super sensitive. I yelled like a bytch too! 😂”, one kind person commented. “Idc what nobody say. Wrist tattoos ain’t no ticking joke.”, added another. Well said! We can’t wait to see how her new ink turned out!

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