Nicole Nafziger: I Wanna Go Home But I’m STUCK in Morocco!

Despite some truly absurd rumors to the contrary, Nicole Nafziger is still in Morocco.

After her two-week vacation to visit Azan turned into a five-month extended stay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not all fans took it well.

Some of her "fans" resorted to vicious mom-shaming.

Now, Nicole is making solid plans to return to the US before a looming deadline.

There is just one problem — Morocco's strict COVID-19 regulations may prevent her from leaving.

Is she stuck? Take a look:

1.You can check out any time you like …

2.Nicole was so excited to go

3.Reunited at last!

4.Nicole had days to enjoy herself

5.And don't forget the tea!

6.But most of all

7.Then, COVID-19 changed everything

8."But she had other options!!!"

9.The good news …

10.Besides …

11.But the mom-shamers are relentless

12.Nicole didn't stand for it

13.Computer, enhance!

14.And not a moment too soon

15.Nicole said her goodbyes

16.Somehow, that still wasn't enough for some people

17.Nicole could PROVE that she was in Morocco

18.But now …

19.Oh dear

20.We wish her well

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