Nikki Bella Believes John Cena’s Change Of Heart Over Kids: But Would She Take Him Back?

Looks like John Cena’s efforts are paying off! But don’t be fooled — just because Nikki ‘100 percent’ believes he now wants kids, doesn’t mean she’s ready to say ‘I do!’ Find out here where her mind’s at.

Since calling off their wedding about a month ago, John Cena, 41, has made it very clear he’s still in love with Nikki Bella, 34. In fact, just earlier this week while appearing on Today, the wrestler gushed that he still wants to marry her and even start a family together — something he had previously refused to do. But while Nikki trusts John has had a change of heart about being a father — which was the deal breaker that caused her to break up with him — she’s still not sure they should walk down the aisle together.

“I believe 100% he wants kids. It makes me want to run back and jump into his arms,” Nikki recently told TMZ. “I care about him and love him a lot.” at the same time though, Nikki explained she believed John only said what she wanted to hear so that she’d marry him. “A lot of people get married for publicity. I’m not like those reality show people,” Nikki said. “I don’t want to be hesitant. I want to do what my heart says.”

In short, Nikki knows she has some serious thinking to do when it comes to their relationship. “I’m a girl who lives in the moment and I honestly don’t know what I’d say,” she told the outlet when asked what she’d say if John asked her face-to-face to marry him. And while some fans think Nikki has seemed wishy washy about the whole situation, she said she’s really hurt by the buzz that the conflict, and even their relationship, is fake in order to boost ratings for her reality show and John’s career.

One thing is beyond clear though, Nikki is dead set on becoming a mom — and as has previously told you, she thinks John may be her only way of getting that. “Nikki is having major fears that she may never have a baby if she does not take John back,” a source close to the former couple told us EXCLUSIVELY.

“She put so much energy into her relationship with John and she is afraid to start over with someone new. She is feeling her age and thinks she has no more time to waste after exhausting so much love in her relationship with John.” At this point, it seems the ball truly is in Nikki’s court. After all, on May 17, John tweeted a cryptic message hinting she’s the only one standing in their way of getting back together. He wrote, “Lack of communication is many times what causes people to drift apart, lack of forgiveness is many times what causes people to stay apart.” Yikes!

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