Nikki Bella and John Cena "Will Almost Definitely Get Back Together," a Source Says

When Nikki Bella and John Cena broke up only a few weeks before what would have been their May 5 wedding in Mexico, sources said it was because of a myriad of big relationship issues, like whether or not they should have children or not. Now, in a major twist, a source just told People that it’s very likely they’ll get back together.

“John has constantly been in touch with Nikki,” the source said. “They will almost definitely get back together.” !!!!!! I’m sorry, WHAT??

“They’re definitely on a path to reconciliation,” the insider said. “John is the love of her life, and she’s definitely the love of his life, and that doesn’t just vanish overnight. At the end of the day, they still want to be together.” Okay sure, whatever, that’s fine.

Then, the source went on to make a claim so bold that you just have to read it for yourself.

Okay, EXCUSE ME??? Did this unnamed person honestly just equate John and Nikki to one of the most dysfunctional/romantic/messed up/controversial couples in television history???? If I were John and Nikki I would be low key, high key offended by this. This would be me:

And now, I feel it is my duty as a journalist to recreate what I think their breakup must have looked like… in SATC gifs. Please, join me on this journey.

Nikki probably started by saying something along these lines:

To which John may have responded with:

And that was the end, it was all over.

But (!) it’s okay because if that didn’t happen they would have ended up like this:

And then Nikki’s twin sister Bella would have had to be all like this:

So honestly, everything’s okay right? It all worked out?

Maybe not! Because remember… after all that, they might get back together. Okay cool!!

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