Nina Dobrev Flaunts Sultry Urban Look In ‘Coveteur’ Photo Shoot

Actress Nina Dobrev posted a series of sexy photos of herself on Instagram from her recent photo shoot with Coveteur. Dobrev is the fashion website’s first COVerstory star and modeled the best looks from their fall 2018 collections. The photo is part of an extended collection, photographed by Jake Rosenberg and styled by Meagan Wilson and Daniella Deutsch.

In the first photo, the actress is standing on a metal ladder on the exterior of a building. She leans against the railing with her body turned towards the camera and props one elbow up on the railing with her hand on her head. One of her legs is crossed over the other as she supports herself on the steps. The outfit includes elements designed by Dior and features a rainbow-colored threaded dress over a black leotard. Her waist is cinched with a wide black belt and large gold buckle paired with black, shiny mid-calf boots. She’s also wearing a set of bracelets and a choker. Her hair is cut short and her makeup is dark and sultry.

The second photo is only different in terms of positioning. She is laying completely back against the ladder with one hand holding onto the railing and her gaze turned away into the distance.

Both photos are captioned, “#COVerstory @coveteur #Dior” and her 15.9 million Instagram followers went crazy for the photos. Many posted heart and heart-eyed emojis, calling her a “queen,” “beautiful,” and “sexy,” while others told her how much they loved her and respected her work.

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One fan wrote, “When @nina can make a rusty stairway look like heaven,” followed by a fire and black heart emoji. Another fan commented, “So stunning! I hope someday I will be able to work as a professional and shoot photos like those. You’re gorgeous.”

Coveteur interviewed The Vampire Diaries star when she was with them in New York City for the photo shoot. Dobrev was also in the city for her newest film, Dog Days, and she spoke to why she decided to take the part for the movie.

“I just adopted a dog three weeks prior to getting the script sent to me just coincidentally. I quite literally read the title and said yes. Luckily after I read the script, I liked it. I made the right decision. It was kind of a joke. I emailed the team: ‘There’s dog in the title, you know I’m gonna do this movie.’ It just has so much heart, it reminded me of Love, Actually but with dogs.”

Coveteur also asked the actress about her makeup and self-care routines. She told them what she does with her hair when she doesn’t have a stylist around.

“Air dry. I can’t be bothered. Being on a show for so long and having hair stylists I never learned how to do it, I have no idea. Other than shower and condition, it’s scary when I wanna do it myself. I have naturally wavy curly hair but when I try to do my own hair I end up going overboard. I’ll try to fix one or two pieces but it will be a downward spiral and by the end of it I’ll look like Annie. Once you go Riawna you can never go back!”

Dobrev is starring in upcoming CBS TV show Fam and has four films in post-production. She also recently made an appearance in Drake’s “I’m Upset” video.

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