Noah Brown Confirms Engagement to Rhain Alisha!

Move over, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas.

You aren’t the only famous couple that got engaged over the weekend.

Okay, maybe you are.

But this doesn’t change the fact that Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown has confirmed he’s set to marry Rhain Alisha.

He alerted fans to this news via a touching Facebook post that reads as follows:

Rhain Alisha has been so patient and supporting through everything that has been happening, my mothers cancer, having to leave Alaska, my car keeps breaking down, and all in all I have been thinking of how thankful I am that she moved in with we instead of going back to Oregon and now we are engaged and planing our life together.

Rhain Alisha is everything I could have ever wanted.

She is my Soulmate my Angel my DreamGirl.

She makes me the best Version of myself, I know that as long as she loves me that some day I can be the man that Rhain deserves.

Thank you God for giving me Rhain Alisha Merrill.

Brown included with these kinds words the picture of Rhain (birth name: Ruth) below:

Brown is a cast member on Alaskan Bush People, but he’s been criticized of late by his fans for essentially abandoning his family during their greatest time of need.

Some supporters have taken issue with Brown because he’s been sharing social media images of himself and Rhain taking trips to the zoo and other places…

… all while his mother, Ami, is dying of lung cancer.

Is this a fair critique? We’re really not in a position to say.

It’s true that Noah has not said much publicly about his mother’s illness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t heartbroken over it.

(It’s also true, incredibly, that Noah has a sister named Rain and is now engaged to someone named Rhain. What are the odds?!?)

As far as we know, Ami Brown is now out of the hospital.

This is positive news, of course.

But most outlets still say the family matriarch is pretty much on her death bed.

She has stage four lung cancer and it isn’t operable. There isn’t much doctors can do at this point.

We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to the Browns, while also wishing Noah the best on his engagement.

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