Noah Centineo Talks About Texting and Frisky Flirting In New Video

Since the release of his two rom-coms, everyone and their sisters are busy swooning over Noah Centineo.

He is everyone’s latest celebrity crush, which comes as no surprise after watching him play two loveable jocks in Netflix’s new releases. In To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, a film based off of the book with the similar title, he plays an openly sensitive lacrosse player. Meanwhile, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser sees him starring as Jamey, the protective older brother to a deaf boy.

Both roles have the power to melt a teen girl’s heart, and they’ve gained him massive popularity. According to E! Online, he’s gained over 8 million followers on Instagram since the release of his two movies. The accessibility of online streaming has made it easy for young women to get their hands on both films, which has boosted his popularity into the extremes.

Combined with his cute, sleepy appearance and his modern sense of humor, he’s the perfect teen heartthrob. Of course, his height, chin scar, and puppy-dog brown eyes definitely help, too.

There hasn’t been a lot of word regarding his future projects, but he has been seen in several videos recently, including one where he talks about texting, flirting, and everything in between.

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In a video posted by E!News, he gets “textual” and talks about the rules of texting, especially when flirting. He explains what different messages mean, goes into detail about booty calls and “you up” texts, and even shares his personal experiences.

“Happens to me sometimes,” he said to E! Online. “Every now and again you’re like ‘Yo. It’s late. I want to get a little freaky.’”

When asked how he would “slide into” someone’s direct messages to make a move, he replied in a pretty straightforward manner.

“There’s really no good way to do this,” he joked. “”I think the best way that I could possibly do it is be like, ‘Hey!’ y’know?”

He also sent a word of advice to people sending unsolicited “risque” photos to their texting partners, saying, “It depends where you’re at [with them]. If you don’t know the person, it’s probably a stupid idea. If you’re dating the person, and you guys are like, in love? Yes.”

From sliding into DMs to emojis, flirting, and more, it seems Centineo has a pretty good idea of what works in the modern world of dating through text. It’s really no wonder he’s been crowned as the internet’s new favorite boyfriend.

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