Noah Cyrus Admits She’s ‘Confused’ By Bitter, Public Breakup From Lil Xan: ‘It Was A Shock For Everyone’

Noah Cyrus is speaking out about her shocking breakup from Lil Xan in a new interview and in it, she revealed that she was just as surprised about the split as her fans.

Noah Cyrus, 18, opened up about her tough split from Lil Xan (real name: Diego Leanos), 22, in a new interview and she was brave enough to admit that she was just as shocked and confused about the split as the public was. “It’s all love and it’s all good,” she told ET Online in a Facebook Live stream. “I’m confused, is all I’m going say. It was just a shock for everybody, I think. [But] there’s no point in drama, really, just because [I have a] tour, EP, [and a collaboration with] PIZZASLIME. I just gotta focus on me right now and I don’t really need to have a boyfriend now anyway. I realized that when everything blew up in my face. … You don’t need a man to make you happy so, that’s for all you girls out there… except for your dads! Dads are the best.”

Noah and Xan broke up shortly after Xan posted a now deleted Instagram post that basically accused Noah of being unfaithful to him. “I feel like I’m probably being cheated on,” he wrote in the post. Noah then followed up with her own post that included a funny photo of singer Charlie Puth‘s head on a porn star’s body. “This is the meme I sent Diego that made him think I’m cheating on him,” she captioned the photo. Xan, however then took to Instagram to deny his cheating thoughts had anything to do with the Charlie pic and instead, had to do with another pic of Noah posing with EDM producer Ookay. “Y’all think that meme is the reason I broke up with Noah, that is hilarious,” he said in an Instagram video. “I broke up with her ’cause she was all over some other dude.” He then posted the photo, which shows Noah hugging the producer from behind, in question. “This is the picture,” he wrote. “Call me whatever but if you my girl you ain’t touching no dude like that sorry aha.”

In addition to the breakup drama, Noah took the opportunity to share information about her new six-song EP, Good Cry. “I’m so stoked! I’m, like, super happy. I wrote a whole album already a year ago, and life kinda smacked me in the face a little bit and I rewrote a ton of stuff and made this EP on its own as a side thing,” she explained in the interview. “I realized that this EP and this type of music is the kind of music I want to be making. I just rolled with it.” She also admitted that a lot of the songs were inspired by her relationship. “I didn’t know how to communicate in any other way than my music,” she continued. “Some of these songs I would send to my boyfriend at the time and would be like, ‘I don’t know how else to talk to you, here’s a song.’ So, the record is really personal.”

Noah’s new EP will be released on Sept. 21, 2018.

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