‘Normal People’ Season 2 – Could It Happen?

Hulu’s Normal People is a smash hit and fans are wondering…could there be a second season!?

The show is actually based on Sally Rooney’s New York Times best-selling novel, and follows the entirety of the book from beginning to end. So a second season would require a continuation of the book.

However, director of the series, Lenny Abrahamson, didn’t rule it out…but there’s a catch. He’d like to revisit the show in “ten years” to see where the characters are.

“I have a fantasy of doing a kind of ten year seeing where they are in ten years time sort of thing, if I’m not too decrepit at that point,” he told Radio Times.

Daisy Edgar-Jones stars as Marianne and Paul Mescal stars as Connell in the hit show.

Here’s a synopsis of the show: Normal People tracks the tender but complicated relationship of Marianne and Connell from the end of their school days in a. small-town west of Ireland to their undergraduate years at Trinity College. At school, he’s well-liked and popular, while she’s lonely, proud and intimidating. But when Connell comes to pick up his mother from her cleaning job at Marianne’s house, a strange and indelible connection grows between the two teenagers – one they are determined to conceal. A year later, they’re both studying in Dublin and Marianne has found her feet in a new social world but Connell hangs at the side lines, shy and uncertain.

Check out the trailer for the show, and be sure to watch it on Hulu now!

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