North West Looks Like Kim Kardashian & Kanye West In This Instagram & It’s Wild

I know, a celebrity child looking like both of their parents might not be the most shocking bit of news you read today, but a new Instagram photo of one of the most famous A-list kids has people buzzing. North West looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in this Instagram so much. The quick snap has fans of the reality TV royal family going, "Aw," but more importantly, "OMG." Northie truly looks like the spitting image of her mom and dad.

"My beautiful sweet smart baby girl!" Kim captioned the Feb. 18 shot of her oldest daughter. "I love playing dress up with you!" The duo seemed to be on a set of some sort together, and North was all smiles around her mom. Although the photo shows just another day in the life of the famous family, one thing was immediately noticeable, and it was just how much 7-year-old looked like her parents while showing off a toothy grin.

"She really is a mini you, absolutely gorgeous," one fan commented on the photograph, noting her resemblance to Kim especially. "An icon," a fan account added in the replies.

Recently, North also went viral for her spectacular Bob Ross-inspired landscape painting she made in art class with her friend. The young Picasso is truly growing up, and fans couldn’t believe how much time had passed since she was first born. "It’s been so fun watching her grow up," the top comment under Kim’s latest post read.

It’s not clear yet whether or not the picture was, in fact, for a photo or video shoot of some sort, but knowing the family and seeing all of the people in the background of the photo, it likely was for some sort of upcoming project. That, or the mommy-daughter duo was just playing dress-up with an entire crew to help them out.

The young superstar’s sweater also looks unsurprisingly Yeezy-inspired, borrowing from her father’s fashion color palette of beiges and warm neutrals. Behind her, a Yeezy sandal is also clearly visible. This might fuel some speculation that the photo is from a set for some new collection, but more than likely, Yeezy footwear is just the most common household item for the Kardashians.

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