Nun Fires Perfect First Pitch Strike, Should Probably Be Signed by the White Sox

It’s official.

In case there was any doubt before, all debate has now been put to rest:

Sister Mary Jo Sobieck of Marian Catholic High School in Chicago is a better pitcher than 50 Cent.

As proven in THIS CLIP, the rapper is on record as having thrown the worst first pitch in Major League Baseball history.

So, in that sense, the perfect strike tossed by Sister Mary in the video featured here did not have a high bar to clear in order to be placed higher than 50 Cent’s attempt many years ago.

But this awe-inspiring nun didn’t just head out to the mound on Saturday and barely manage to get the baseball over the plate.


First, she did a little trick with the ball in her hand and then she threw what can just be described as an ideal 12-6 curveball, one that would have fooled even Aaron Judge or Mike Trout.

It floated right down into the catcher’s mitt in the heart of the strike zone when all was said, done and applauded.

Sister Mary was called upon to make this ceremonial first pitch in Chicago, prior to yet another White Sox loss.

They fell to the Royals by a score of 3-1 after the nun left the mound.

With a record of 45-77, it’s pretty clear the White Sox could use Mary Jo Sobieck on their roster.

Maybe not as a starter. Her arm might lack the stamina to go six or seven innings.

But as a late-inning reliever?

Someone to come in for a batter or two and disrupt the opposing team’s rhythm?

Someone ordained by God, no less?!?

Sign her up, Sox!

And check out this footage now, readers!

(And then click on the following link to compare this memorable first pitch to past first pitches. Who hurled it best?)

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