‘Ocean’s Twelve’ Star Eddie Izzard Keen to Undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery

The British movie star, who identifies as a trans woman, opens up about her desire to undergo physical transition from male to female as she talks about her breast envy.

AceShowbiz -British comedian Eddie Izzard is giving serious thought to undergoing a physical transition to fully embrace her female identity.

The “Ocean’s Twelve” star, who was born male, is currently self-identifying as a trans woman, but is considering surgery to make it permanent.

Asked if she will ever physically transition, she told The Guardian newspaper, “I might do. I feel that boy mode has had a good innings in this one life that we get. It would be great to get up in the morning and think I look like a woman so I’m going to throw on a tracksuit and have breakfast.”

“It is getting better and better. I do feel I can express myself in a more feminine way, which may be the age thing.”

And Eddie, who turned 59 last month (Feb21), admits she has always wanted a pair of her own breasts.

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“I’ve had boob envy since my teens,” she confessed. “Just when teenage girls of my age were going, ‘I want boobs’, I was thinking, ‘Yeah, me too.’ But I couldn’t say it.”

“They talk about penis envy, and I believe some women suffer penis envy. I cannot for the life of me get my head around this. But yes, I’ve always had breasts envy.”

However, Eddie declined to answer when asked if she has been taking hormone pills because she is keen to keep some aspects of her life private.

She said, “I’m very happy to transition and I feel I have been transitioning. But I do feel I’ve told everybody everything in my life, so I’m going to keep a certain amount of privacy.”

Eddie admits living life as a trans woman has become easier with age. “It’s true older men and older women look quite a lot similar,” she mused. “There’s a middle area where it’s much trickier. Visually, there’s not so much difference between older men and older women, so it does get easier.”

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