Odel Beckham Jr. Claims NFL ‘Randomly’ Drug Tests Him ‘Every Other Week’ & Demands They Stop

OBJ got paid – and now he’s throwing shade! A furious Odell Beckham Jr. called out the NFL over the ‘random’ drug tests that don’t seem so random, saying that all they’re doing is wasting his time!

“Walkin in today to my 997,546 RANDOM PED drug test today,” Odell Beckham Jr.,25, tweeted on Sept. 20. The New York Giants star – and the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL – threw some major shade on how, by some sheer lucky, he was subject to yet another drug test. “It’s actually funny how I ‘randomly’ get tested every other week. Dear @NFL please stop sending these people, ur takin away from meeting times and film… thanks. #ThisAintWhatYaLookinFor #ThisIsBeyondMeeeee”

“Other than that world! Have a blesssssed day #PVO,” he tweeted after his frustrated venting. Hollywood Life has reached out to the NFL if they have any comment on this. The tweet, the New York Post points out, comes six months after a viral seven-second video clip allegedly showed OBJ lounging in bed with a French model, a pepperoni pizza and “what appears to be a thick, brown blunt” in his left hand. The video was the latest of many off-field incidents that seemed to test the Giants (and subsequently, the NFL’s) patience with OBJ. “I guess my response to that is I’m tired of answering questions about Odell’s behavior,” Giants co-owner John Mara told reporters in March 2018 during the NFL owners meetings, per USA Today. “He knows what’s expected of him, and now it’s up to him.”

OBJ’s on and off-field antics – he was suspended in 2015 for an on-field altercation with Josh Norman – has given his team a massive headache and taken a bite out of his wallet. As of Sept. 2017, OBJ had been hit with $169.017 in known fines during his first four seasons in the NFL. Add in the lost wages from his one-game suspension for the aforementioned Norman incident, and that swells up to $222,546. Despite all this, the Giants decided to sign him to a five-year contract extension worth as much as $95 million (with $65 million in guaranteed money.) it made him the highest-paid wide receiver in the league.

However, if what Odell claims is true – and that he’s being targeted for frequent “random” drug tests – then there might be a bigger issue here. OBJ isn’t the only one who has accused the NFL’s drug policy of not being so “random.” Pittsburgh Steelers star James Harrison made similar remarks in the summer of 2017, rolling his eyes at the seemingly “random” tests, per FTW. “You can test me every day, I have no problem with that. But don’t [urinate] on my head and tell me it’s rain. #random #insultingmyintelligence.”

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