Olivia Rodrigo Faces Backlash Over Resurfaced Offensive ‘Blaccent’ Videos

The ‘Drivers License’ hitmaker could be seen using ‘AAVE’ slangs like ‘I be trending,’ ’emotional AF,’ ‘y’all,’ ‘Imma,’ ‘crine’ and ‘homegirl’ in old live stream videos.

AceShowbizOlivia Rodrigo has just landed in hot water after her clips of her past live sessions resurfaced online. The “Drivers License” hitmaker faced backlash over her use of offensive “blaccent” in the old clips.

On Wednesday, July 28 a Twitter user @beytilldawn shared past Instagram live clips of the 18-year-old singer/songwriter in which she held up her phone and stated, “I be trending. That’s crazy!” In following footage, the “Good 4 U” singer said she was “emotional AF” and regularly used words like “y’all” and “Imma.”

Alongside the compilation videos, the Twitter user wrote, “Olivia rodrigo constantly uses AAVE and it is pissing me off. the blaccent…” The same user also found past tweets written by Olivia, which included the teenager using words such as “homegirl” and “crine.”

After sharing the video, the Twitter user went on to add, “If you thinks that’s all here is a bunch of tweets that make me cringe.” In response to Olivia’s tweet in which she said she’s “crine,” the critic penned, “You use crine when you are LAUGHING when something is FUNNY…”

Other social media users took to Twitter to slam Olivia for using “blaccent.” One person shared, “Really? As a black woman I think this post is actually more offensive than what you’re actually accusing her of. Just realize that most of pop culture is influenced by black culture.” Another critic chimed in, ” ‘Gen z slang’ is literally just mostly AAVE getting more and more popular.”

“Olivia is a kid that’s growing up in a time where black culture is influencing society so much to the point where people don’t even know that they are being influenced by black culture,” someone else claimed. A separate Twitter user called out the “double standard” of Olivia using AAVE slang, saying, “I think the problem here is the double standard… it’s cool and trendy for non-black people to talk like that but black people are still scolded for using aave even though they invented it.”

Another online critic added, “I can see why ppl don’t think it’s that serious, but for me this is just annoying bc at the end of the day black folks definitely get discriminated against for using AAVE.” Additionally, a social media user claimed, “Technically she’s not hurting anyone BUT she is perpetuating some mess and imma DOG HER for it.”

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