OMG! Kim Cattrall WILL Return To SATC In And Just Like That Season 2!

It’s happening! We can’t believe it! Samantha Jones is returning to Sex and the City!

After years of feuding with her former co-stars, Kim Cattrall will reportedly appear in the SATC revival series And Just Like That…! “Appear” does seem to be the operative word here, unfortunately, as Variety‘s bombshell report does, sadly, say this will be a one-off. But still, it’s far more than we ever thought we’d get again!

Kim will only be in one scene — and it’s already in the can! According to inside sources spilling to the industry mag, the Mannequin star secretly shot her lines back on March 22 in New York City. SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD!

These insiders say the scene is similar to Samantha’s text-only appearance in the finale of AJLT Season 1, in which Carrie Bradshaw reaches out to her old estranged friend. This will apparently be a phone call between Carrie and Samantha, only this time we’ll actually see Kim reprising her iconic role.

But wait, you might be asking… it’s not all the girls together? Far from it, from what we hear. In fact, while she’ll be edited to be speaking with Carrie, Kim herself never had to act — or interact — with Sarah Jessica Parker! Nor was she ever in the vicinity of Cynthia Nixon or Kristin Davis. According to these sources, she didn’t even have to have a conversation with showrunner Michael Patrick King! No, apparently she came in, shot the scene, and left without ever having to mend any IRL fences. Movie magic, we guess.

In extra fun news for old school Sex and the City fans, though, there was one OG crew member Kim interacted with. Costume designer Patricia Field, who did not return for AJLT, returned for just this one scene, too, specifically to dress Samantha. See, Patricia and Kim are old pals, and she hasn’t been back since her girl left. It seems they’re a package deal — which feeds into the speculation she refused to return for the sequel series because she was #TeamCattrall. Wow.

Sad that we won’t get another lunch or walk-and-talk with all four leads. But considering how adamant Kim was that she’d never return to the franchise, this is still HUGE news for fans! We mean, she and SJP have beef like few co-stars ever have! We don’t know if this just a gift from Kim to the fans, but we’re just going to be grateful for what we get.

And hey, maybe this could lead to more? Baby steps?

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