‘On lots of drugs’ Steph McGovern left ‘in agony’ by health concerns as Packed Lunch wraps

Steph McGovern surprises Simon Rimmer with water pistol

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Steph McGovern, 40, has opened up about her health worries on Instagram. The Steph’s Packed Lunch star admitted she was “in agony” as the programme wrapped up for the summer. 

Steph shared a picture of her face covered in blisters in view of her 97,800 Instagram followers yesterday. 

“Here’s a pic of me looking rough, let me explain why…” she captioned the post. 

“We’re coming to the end of this series of Packed Lunch (we’re on a summer break after tomorrow) and whenever I get to the end of a long run I get poorly. 

“I’ve always had this whatever job I’ve been doing. I bet lots of people are the same.”

“This time I have a bad ear infection and blisters in/around my ear/hair/face. It has been agony,” she continued. 

“I’m on a load of different drugs to try and treat infections and ease pain. 

“Some of them are antibiotics, which has totally buggered up my gut health (you know how obsessed I am about that) so my IBS is back in full swing being a total b*tch.

“Anyway, I’m not meaning to moan (it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things and I’ll be fine after some rest).

“I just wanted to explain why I’ve been a bit quieter on here,” Steph added.

“And also to say, if you’re knackered/rundown/working too hard then please look after yourself and don’t let your health take a back seat like I have.”

The presenter then went on to give credit to her team for helping her through her tough time.

“Ps. I should also say thanks to my amazing makeup team who have been brilliantly disguising my hideousness on telly!” Steph quipped.

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“As well as reminding me when to take my tablets! 

“And to our brilliant resident doc @irondoctorhaz who has been helping me work out what was wrong…

“He has seen a lot of minging pics of my blistered ears this week as well as getting a running commentary on my vomiting and diarrhoea #luckyguy.

“Don’t worry I won’t be posting those pics on here,” she finished with a laughing emoji. 


Steph’s Packed Lunch first aired in September 2020 on Channel 4. 

The TV host previously acted as the main business presenter on BBC Breakfast.

Steph is also a mum, announcing the birth of her two-year-old daughter back in November 2019. 

The journalist has always kept the identity of her long-term partner a secret, though it has been revealed she is a TV executive at the BBC.

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