Open Post: Hosted By A Model Getting Attacked By Pigs On The Beach

HAHAHAHAHA!! Ok, now that that’s out of the way. I think when Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin watched the Fyre Festival documentary she paid no attention to the lies, scandal and infamy surrounding that cautionary tale of fuckery. Her attention span decreased to zero after the scene where the models frolicked with the pigs and probably thought, “Ooooh, look at the little piggies! We must shoot there at once!” Flash forward to embarrassment and red pig bites on your ass and now she’s probably wishing for a do-over.

People reports that Michelle and her team flew to Big Major Cay in Exuma, the same island in the Bahamas where the Fyre Festival models shot the misleading promo now referred to as Exhibit A. While shooting, Michelle wanted to include a few shots of her swimming with the pigs, which she did. However things took a turn into Ouch Town when one of the pigs completely flipped the script on her and bit at her.

The model shared videos on her Instagram story of herself lounging in the sand with pigs and piglets, stroking their heads and allowing the piglets to lick her hands. Then she jumped in the water to get a few shots swimming alongside the pigs.

Next, she went walking along the beach and turned her back on the pigs for one quick second, when one came running up and bit her right on the backside. It sent the model shrieking and running away, as more pigs ran toward her.

This isn’t necessarily a common occurrence because the Bahamian tour board encourages swimming with the animals. However, they also caution people to be mindful that the pigs are not trained or domesticated by any means. A fact Michelle learned the hard way. Afterwards she and her super jacked husband Jimmy Lewin strutted around the island with huge smiles, clearly putting the incident from earlier behind them (pun intended). Listen, Michelle is a far better person than me because we all would have been dining on ham for days after that shit. Then again my body is nowhere near as fit as her’s or Jimmy’s so after that first bite I probably would have tripped and fell, then gone down in history as the first brotha to die while being eaten by pigs on a beach. And that would have been a sad, yet hilarious, way to go out.

Pic: Instagram

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