Open Post: Hosted By Shay Mitchell Not Using The Product She's Being Paid To Hawk

Shay Mitchell is one of those Pretty Little Liars people which means that she will probably act in a few things post-hugely-popular-television series but will earn most of her money through Instagram ads. You know: the new millennial Hollywood lifetsyle. You’d think this is an easy task, shilling shit to your 20 million Instagram followers, but apparently Shay is having a bit-o-trouble.

Shay got caught acting a fool while trying to promote Bioré for whom she is an ambassador. What does being a Bioré ambassador entail, you ask? I’ll tell you. Amid all of Shay’s plentiful vacation pictures of trips she’s sent on for free because she’s a beautiful influential actress who can drive up tourism in a city, Shay also occasionally posts pictures advertising Bioré such as this:

Or this:

Or this:

Tough life. I hope she’s well-compensated for her hard work.

Apparently it’s harder than it seems, because Shay is getting dragged for a recent Bioré Snapchat advertisement which is full on lunacy.

We all know that these “ambassadors” and “brand reps” and whatever most likely don’t actually use the shit they advertise, but Shay took it to another level when she blatantly did not use the product she was trying to promote. While saying how a makeup remover “leaves my skin feeling so fresh!” you very clearly see this makeup remover pad never even touches her face.

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