Padma Lakshmi Goes Nude In A Bathtub With A Glass Of Wine On Instagram

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi shared a bathtub photo today on Instagram, as she laid in a white tub while sipping on wine. Padma grabbed onto the tub with her right hand while holding the glass with her left, while there were flower petals stuck to her legs. She wore her hair slicked back, and captioned the post, “Who needs resolutions? but seriously for me the new year actually starts in September so… #tgif #newyearsameme #bekindtoyourself” Fans responded, “i need to be like this,” “Whoever is taking these pics def has the best job!!!!” and “Ditto!! Off to a beautiful start. Very beautiful start.”

On the other hand, Lakshmi’s previous post was even more lighthearted, as it was a video of her being carted around in a little wagon while wearing a black suit with accentuated shoulders. She waved gracefully, and joked that she was “Taking a lil’ break” during the Restaurant Wars episode of Top Chef. She wore her hair slicked back in a low ponytail with a side part, and looked like she was having a good time joking around.

This isn’t to mention that she was recently profiled by Vulture, which she shared a snapshot of on social media. Padma noted that “For all the immigrant kids, this one’s for you.”

During the in-depth interview, Padma took the writer of the article on a food journey.

“People are so into turmeric and ginger and all of that. It’s been very gentrified and hipsterized. If it opens Americans to new flavors and ingredients that are more natural and healthy, that’s fine. I don’t care about cultural appropriation. I really don’t.”

And for Laskhmi, her journey from being a model to a chef, plus a TV personality is arguably atypical. And one of the challenges she’s faced is trying to maintain being “an Everywoman” while still becoming a well-known celebrity.

“It is something that I have struggled with a little bit because I feel like sometimes there is a real dichotomy between what most people in this country know me for and what I’m really like. I’ve had to just say, Well, this is just the way that I make my living. So be it.”

Regardless of her assessment, it would appear that she’s done a great job of melding all of the different talents she has into one. Her Instagram is a reflection of this, as it combines food, modeling, and posts about Top Chef.

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