Pamela Anderson Posed for a Sexy Glamour Shot with Julian Assange 

Pamela Anderson—actress, vegan activist and more recently, fringe international political player—has a brand new glamour shot with an very special guest star: Julian Assange.

Anderson was recently photographed alongside the Wikileaks founder, whom she counts as close personal pal, at the Ecuadorean embassy in London by David LaChapelle for The Hollywood Reporter. And the result is wild. (See the photo here.)

This photo has everything: A dramatic back light, Anderson’s signature sexy smize and messy blonde mane, as well as an awkward prom-style embrace.

Fotonoticias/Getty Images

“We talk about everything,” Anderson says of her relationship with the controversial hacker that she’s known for “years.”

Also in the interview, the Baywatch alum dances around the question on everyone’s mind, which is, what exactly is going on between her and Russian president Vladimir Putin?

“I love this question,” Anderson says when asked specifically about possible romantic involvement. Infuriatingly, she fails to elaborate further.

Other gossip-y revelations include (but are not limited to): Anderson and Assange met through illustrious British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood; Anderson, along with a handful of other Playboy models, was once paid $500 to attend a birthday party for Donald Trump (no word on whether the encounter inspired that sexy poem she wrote about 45); Anderson loves throwing vegan barbecues with her French soccer player boyfriend, Adil Rami, who is 18 years younger than the 50-year-old actress.

Anderson also doubled down on her divisive comments about the #MeToo movement, reasserting that Harvey Weinstein’s accusers should have “known what they were getting into.”

“You need to have that Spidey sense or whatever it is that this is not right,” she said. “When someone answers the door in a bathrobe, don’t go in that room. Or if you go in the room, get that role. (Laughs.) Sorry, now I’m really in trouble. I remember Revlon and Guess Jeans both offered me huge campaigns, and I didn’t feel right about going into a room and sitting on a bed. I just had this sense that this was not going to go well.”

Pam Anderson, ladies and gentlemen.

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