Paris Hilton: Fans Think She’s Throwing Shade At Frenemy Kim Kardashian With Throwback Pic

Paris Hilton posted a pic of herself naked and covered in flowers on Instagram, one day after Kim Kardashian did it. Was she trying to hint that she did it first? That’s what some fans think!

Kim Kardashian made some waves on Instagram with two pretty promotional images for her new KKW Beauty Classic Blossom Collection fragrances. The pics showed her completely naked, save for a few cherry blossoms covering up that parts that would get her banned from Instagram. The pink images were stunning, albeit a little too photoshopped, but that’s neither here nor there. Here’s the thing. Soon after Kim posted those, her on-again off-again friend, Paris Hilton, posted pics of herself — you guessed it — naked, and covered in flowers.

What are the odds? While this could just be a mere coincidence, Paris’ images weren’t new like Kim’s. She decided to post throwbacks from a video made last year at this very moment. Hmm. Was she trying to make it a point to Kim that she did it first? That’s what some fans think! While Kim’s pics employ cherry blossoms, and Paris has an American Beauty-esque shoot with red roses, they’re still extremely similar! They’re even posed similarly, on their knees in one shot, and lounging in the flowers in the other.

Paris’ fans flocked to the comments to drag Kim and point out the perceived shade. “Kim is made out of photoshop Byeeee,” obliterated_prince commented. “Ur better than Kim let’s get that straight,” @lillieemartinez wrote, getting straight to the point. “The #shade be real. I feel you girl, I FEEL YOU. 💯💦”, @swoolove wrote. We love this drama!

Meanwhile, over on Kim’s page, @p245555 commented, “@parishilton look you have a fan… 😂”. “we love a wannabe paris hilton @parishilton #TheOG,” @tropicofaerieugh wrote. Damn!

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