Paul O’Grady reveals his beloved dog Boycie has died as he shares touching picture

Paul O'Grady has revealed that his beloved dog Boycie has passed away via his friend’s Twitter account.

Paul announced the sad news as his friend Malcolm Prince wrote on Twitter: "A message from Paul… Sadly, he had to say goodbye to Boycie today.

"He asked me to share this photo #TeamPOG #paulogrady #FarewellBoycie."

Along the post was a heartwarming snap of Paul and adorable Boycie cuddling on the couch, with 64 year old Paul gazing down at his beloved pooch.

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Paul is known for his devotion to his dogs and presents ITV show For The Love of Dogs, which follows his work with rescue dogs and goes inside the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London.

The TV favourite has appealed for people to not adopt a dog during the coronavirus lockdown and to really think about how the dog will feel when the owner returns to work when the pandemic is over.

He said: "I think you should be really cautious about getting a dog at this time because this isn’t forever you know. I know the sentiment and where it is coming from. I really do sympathise.

"What happens when all this is over and the owner goes back to work? The dog who is used to having people round all the time might find itself on it’s own. I understand and I can talk.

"I just pick a dog up and get on with it. Say you worked in an office or something the dog will be alone and might get separation anxiety."

It comes after Paul said that he believes he had coronavirus and was treating himself with a homemade vinegar concoction.

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Speaking to presenter pal Gaby Roslin, 55, Paul said he has not been tested but believes he had the virus despite being in quarantine and has been self-medicating with a vinegar concoction he created on his own.

Explaining what he's been going through, he told Gaby: "I’m alright now. Last week I had flu like symptoms. I didn’t have the cough bad, I certainly didn’t have the temperature or anything like that so I just got on with it.

"That was when the heating had gone so it was minus two down here and freezing and I thought someone had got it in for me. I’m fine now.”

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