‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Reacts To Death Of The Old Man

‘Pawn Stars’ cast member Chumlee talks about his 20-year relationship with the late Richard Harrison and shares fond memories of the times they had spent together.

The Pawn Stars gang lost one of their most vital links with the passing of Richard Harrison, aka “The Old Man,” after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease this Monday. While many friends, family, and fans mourn, Chumlee found the strength to offer up his fondest memories of the time spent with Harrison over the course of the past 20 or so years, according to TMZ.

In particular, Chumlee singled out the time that he took “The Old Man” on a cruise in a heavily modified Buick Regal a few years ago, an event which was chronicled by Pawn Stars crew as they closed out the episode. Fitted with hydraulics and bouncing around like mad, Chumlee surprised Harrison and amused them both, a genuine smile spreading across the face of the elder Harrison as he was jostled about in the classic cruiser.

Chumlee told TMZ that even though he was not strictly related to Harrison, he was always treated like a grandson by “The Old Man” and managed to learn more than a few life lessons from the hat-wearing character over the span of their relationship.


Stating that he was happy he got to spend more than a few moments with Harrison in the last few weeks as his friend fought a bitter battle with Parkinson’s disease – and that he was indeed prepared for what was sure to come – Chumlee said he was still surprised when Harrison eventually passed because “The Old Man” always fought like hell.

According to the cast member of Pawn Stars most well known for his vibrant sense of humor and practical jokes, there has been no shortage of support being offered up in the wake of Harrison’s death. Chumlee relays that the outpouring of love for the Pawn Stars patriarch has been incredible.

A makeshift memorial has been created and installed in the retail Pawn Stars location, the brick and mortar Gold and Silver Shop on Las Vegas Boulevard. The shrine features his characteristic chair, coffee mug, and classy hat, and is accompanied by a life-sized cardboard cutout and many pictures of the man from various points in time during his life.

Now, the shrine is accompanied by innumerable flowers left by fans of the show wishing to pay their respects to the late Harrison and to show their support for the three men that have to continue on the path they all set down together so many years ago.

Richard Benjamin Harrison was 77-years-old and passed away surrounded by loved ones. The family has requested that all donations be forwarded to the Epilepsy Foundation, a condition that Richard’s son and colleague Rick struggled with as a child.

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