This Photo Of Karlie Kloss’ Engagement Ring Will Make Your Jaw Hit The Floor, Because Woah

Karlie Kloss’ engagement to her boyfriend Josh Kushner was a bright spot in the news yesterday. With all the devastating breakups happening these days, it was nice to see a little bit of love and light. Hope still exists in this world, you guys, and #Jarlie is living proof. Kushner apparently popped the question a few weeks ago while on vacay with Kloss, and she confirmed the big news on Instagram on July 24 with a sweet shot of the couple on the beach. She also showed off her massive rock in her Insta story, and OMG you have to see the photo of Karlie Kloss’ engagement ring because that thing is goals AF!

In a video clip posted to her Instagram story — which features the 25-year-old model getting her hair and makeup did for a photo shoot in Beijing — Kloss explains that her "phone is blowing up with the sweetest messages from loved ones," and that "This poor makeup artist is going to kill me." LOL, #jokes. At the end of the vid, Kloss raises her right hand to her face to blow her fans a kiss, and that’s when we get a glimpse of the new ice skating rink — I mean, engagement ring — on her fourth finger.

Here’s a screenshot:

Legends, both of them, am I right?

Also, look at this image Kushner posted of Kloss dancing at Coachella:

And this one, which Kloss shared while rocking a pair of NASA specs in honor of Kushner’s birthday:

In the Universe… get it?

The two of them just seems so artsy and nerdy and seriously in love that I totally ship this relationship, even though Josh is related to that other Kushner. The only questions left are, will Tay Tay get to be maid of honor and, if so, will we finally get a re-enactment of this epic moment:


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