Piers Morgan: ‘Memo to all morons’ GMB host’s ‘drastic’ plea to the public amid COVID-19

Piers Morgan, 54, hasn’t taken a breather since news broke of the coronavirus in China at the start of the year. The deadly virus that developed in the Wuhan province, has since spread to every corner of the world, rapidly making its way through Europe and harming the elderly and vulnerable. The passionate host has been using his social media platform as a way to warn his followers about the incredible dangers that coronavirus poses if left to manifest for too long.

This is just cold

Twitter user

But he’s come under a lot of fire by members of the public who believe his opinions are not helping, and others who continue to socialise regardless of health experts pleas to implement social distancing everywhere we go.

So, in an another effort to try and “get through” to people, Piers used a more “harsh” method.

Taking to Twitter, he posted a “memo to all morons,” which included an upsetting sketch.

Some fans thought he was overreacting, whereas others commended him for his sense of humour.


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The image read: “Confused about how far to distance yourself?

“Imagine the outline of a dead relative between you.”

The post was deemed as “harsh but realistic” by some, as many rushed to the comments to agree with the outspoken Good Morning Britain presenter.

But others weren’t happy with his latest post.

One fan sighed: “You have lost it mate sorry but you have totally lost the plot.”

Another hit back at the first user: “He really hasn’t, but the fact that you think he has is the problem.”

A third suggested: “Although I agree with the sentiment, people need to be adhering to the advice I would say the second you insult people (and you repeatedly do) it’s simple human nature to rally against you and boom, you’ve lost them and instantly wasted your time. Teach, preach but don’t insult.

“Firm but fair,” a fourth said, as another called it “drastic”.

“Ooooo that’s blunt and to the point… well done,” a sixth cheered, while a seventh snapped: “This is just cold.”

This comes after the BBC shared pictures of the British public flocking to the seaside towns and parks during the sunny weather over the weekend, despite advice to halt large crowds.

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ITV announced they have taken the “tough” decision to cancel Loose Women and Lorraine with imminent effect as they try to “protect” GMB and This Morning.

An ITV spokesperson said that the breakfast news program would air for an extra hour because of the importance of current events.

Piers tweeted: “I think tomorrow’s extended @GMB is going to get very fiery.”

“A lot of anger building in the country re unprotected NHS staff, morons ignoring social distancing, & a timid Prime Minister refusing to order a proper lockdown. Tune in from 6-10am.”

One fan applauded: “Give them hell mate. You’re the only one talking sense. @BorisJohnson give us a fighting chance FFS.”


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Another agreed: “Yes Piers totally agree with all comments you making but please let’s hear a proper debate from all concerned.. Look forward to fiery viewing in the morning.”

A third fan blasted the presenter for his “constant criticism”: “Normally I watch but your constant criticism is getting on my nerves Piers…. you are not helping the situation one bit! Enough!”

“@piersmorgan you’re fuelling that anger!” someone else snapped.

It’s clear Mr Morgan has caused a divide with his outspoken opinions, but he’ll be back on Good Morning Britain this morning which airs at 6am on ITV.

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