Piers Morgan rages ‘lockdown’s over’ if Boris Johnson doesn’t ‘FIRE’ Dominic Cummings

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Piers Morgan called for Dominic Cummings to sacked in view of his 7.5 million Twitter followers today. The Good Morning Britain presenter said if Boris Johnson does not “fire” him, then he is off to visit his family.

If Boris doesn’t fire Cummings today, then I will deem the lockdown over & drive down to see my parents

Piers Morgan

The 55-year-old said he would deem “lockdown over” if the Prime Minister doesn’t take drastic action towards his top adviser.

It comes after Cummings was spotted at his parents’ home in Durham – more than 250 miles away from his home in London – days after he was said to have started self-isolating.

The 48-year-old was investigated by the police after breaching the Government’s own lockdown rules, according to reports.

An investigation by the Mirror and the Guardian said he was in the North of England, instead of isolating in the capital.


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Piers tweeted: “If Boris doesn’t fire Cummings today, then I will deem the lockdown over & drive down to see my parents (from a 2m distance) for the first time in 12 weeks.

“I’m not having one rule for these clowns & another for the rest of us.”

On reading the news last night, the father-of-four had initially posted: “So, Boris Johnson’s right hand man Dominic Cummings broke lockdown to go to his parents’ house 100s of miles away… AS HE SELF-ISOLATED WITH CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS.

“Fire him tonight Prime Minister @BorisJohnson- or why should anybody heed your lockdown rules?”

He added this morning: “Every second Cummings tries to cling on, he further damages @BorisJohnson. He knows this, Boris knows this, we all know this.”

The UK goverment’s advice was: “You should not be visiting family members who do not live in your home.

“The only exception is if they need help, such as having shopping or medication dropped off.”

But, when police visited an address in the city they learnt that Cummings had travelled to Durham during the lockdown to self-isolate.

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Police are said to have spoken to family and reminded them that travelling to be with relatives was breaching the advice of the government.

A spokesperson for Durham Constabulary said: “On Tuesday, March 31, our officers were made aware of reports that an individual had travelled from London to Durham and was present at an address in the city.

“Officers made contact with the owners of that address who confirmed that the individual in question was present and was self-isolating in part of the house.

“In line with national policing guidance, officers explained to the family the guidelines around self-isolation and reiterated the appropriate advice around essential travel.”


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Meanwhile, Downing Street has since said in a statement Cummings behaved “in line with coronavirus guidelines”.

They denied the police questioned him and they believe he behaved “reasonably and legally”.

Morgan also replied to a report which read: “Close friends of Dominic Cummings said: ‘He isn’t remotely bothered by this story, it’s more fake news from the Guardian. There is zero chance of him resigning’.”

He added: “The breathtaking arrogance of this tool. It’s truthful news & there’s zero chance of Cummings surviving.”

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