‘Poor wee things’ Lorraine Kelly’s worry over pics of Royal corgis

Lorraine Kelly discusses empty nest syndrome

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Lorraine Kelly, 62, has shared her heartbreak over Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis as the royal dogs awaited the arrival of her funeral procession at Windsor Castle. The TV presenter took to Twitter to share two heartwarming pictures of the Her Majesty’s corgis as she lamented they “will be bereft”.

Sharing a tweet by Twitter user Elliotwaglang, Lorraine wrote: “Poor wee things will be bereft.”

The photos showed the two corgis sitting on the grounds of the castle as the cortege made its way toward them.

The young corgis, one on a red lead and one on a blue lead, were accompanied by two pages in red tailcoats.

However, Lorraine was not the only one sharing her concerns about the Queen’s corgis, as other Twitter users shared their thoughts in her replies.

MomsHelper1 said: “Hopefully they are getting extra pats and snuggles.”

Gazpen added: “Those dogs faces they miss her.” (sic)

KateHenning15 tweeted: “Her beautiful horse too…”

Other social media users shared similar views on the Queen’s beloved horse, Emma.

Beanz2809 penned: “Oh!  The Queen’s Pony Emma, standing to see #QueenElizabethII for the last time ~ her two great passions weren’t people.

“They were animals. #Dogs and #Horses”

Robdavidson74 typed: “Well that got me. HM The Late Queen’s favourite horse, a fell pony named #Emma out on parade to oversee her final return to #WindsorCastle.

#emma #queensfuneral #QueenElizabethII #QueenElizabeth”

ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship remarked: “Moving moment for Terry Pendry who went riding often with the Queen.

“He stands on Cambridge Drive at Windsor Castle with a dismounted horse and bows his head as the State Hearse passes in front #QueenElizabeth #funeral”

Many of the Queen’s dogs were descended from her first corgi, Susan, who was a present for her 18th birthday in 1944.

The corgi community was left heartbroken by the monarch’s death on September 8.

Kay Hogg, secretary of the Welsh Corgi League Scottish sector, said: “We are very, very sad.

“Everywhere the Queen went there were always corgis. She grew up with corgis and everybody associated corgis with the Queen.

“We feel as though, although there is a corgi league and a society, we’ve actually lost part of our world.

“She did so much for the breed, always had corgis by her side all her life.”

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