Pregnant Cardi B Nearly Gets Into Massive Brawl With Fan After Refusing To Take A Selfie

Cardi B got into a massive shouting match with a female fan at a Las Vegas mall last month and things almost got physical when the rapper didn’t want to take a pic with her. See the wild video of their argument here!

Cardi B, 25, found herself in a huge altercation with a fan when she refused to take a selfie at a Las Vegas mall on Apr. 27 and the wild video just hit the internet! The fan, who was identified as Lolita Beckford-Dawkins, by The Blast, can be seen shouting at Cardi in the video while outside of a glass door and Cardi’s shouting back. The pregnant rapper was held back by a man during the uncomfortable interaction and was eventually whisked away from the scene. Lolita told the outlet that she first saw Cardi after leaving the Fendi store at City Center with some of her girl friends and asked her for a picture. When Cardi ignored her, she screamed, “F*ck Cardi, you ain’t sh*t!” and that’s when the mom-to-be started shouting back.

Despite Lolita taking Cardi’s action or lack thereof, as a diss, sources told the outlet that Cardi was trying to explain to her that she didn’t like the way she looked at the time and that was the reason she didn’t want to take a pic. Still, Lolita thinks Cardi was being “fake” and pointed out that the hitmaker only responded when she went off on her. Things apparently got so heated that Lolita’s husband had to step in to stop his wife and her friends from approaching Cardi, but Lolita, who is a mother of five, insisted she would never hit a pregnant woman.

Although Lolita claims she wasn’t looking to get physical, it still looks like things got pretty intense! Shortly after the video hit the web, Cardi took to Twitter to respond to tweets about the incident and share her side of the story. In a series of now deleted tweets, Cardi said she’s not obligated to take pics with fans and won’t do so if she doesn’t have makeup on, is in a rush, or is simply not in the mood. She also claims that Lolita kept trying to argue with her even after the doors of the store she was in were locked to allow Cardi some privacy.

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Cardi recently deleted her Instagram to reportedly stay away from online drama and try to lower her stress levels during her pregnancy. We hope she continues to stay healthy and strong for her baby-to-be!

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