Pregnant Jacqueline Jossa addresses Dan Osbourne split rumours

For someone who – at eight months pregnant – has been surrounded by split rumours from her husband of only 10 months, Jacqueline Jossa is in exceptionally high spirits.

In fact, as she jokes with us about eating for two and her daughter Ella’s dancing skills, 
we momentarily forget that the former EastEnders actress must be going through a really tough time, with rumours swirling 
that husband Dan Osborne has moved into a friend’s house after being spotted laughing on a yacht in Marbella with Love Island’s Gabby Allen and 
actress Stephanie Davis.

While the 25-year-old doesn’t want to go into the ins and outs of their split – simply saying on Twitter that she and Daniel 
are ‘dealing with things privately’ – the way in which she brushes off the speculation over their relationship really 
speaks volumes.

‘When you know what’s going on deep down and you know the truth, 
it’s easier to brush 
off and ignore [the speculation],’ she tells us, hinting that the subject is off limits.

And we respect her wishes. Instead, talk turns to the couple’s beautiful daughter Ella, three – who she clearly thinks the world of – how she’s preparing to cope with two children, and why she’s keen to break away from 
her EastEnders past…

You and Dan’s marriage has been under the scrutiny this week  – how is it living in the spotlight when things 
like this happen?
It’s not the best but I’m so used to it. It comes with the territory now. When you know what’s going on deep down and you know the truth, it’s easier to brush 
off and ignore.

How important is being 
a mum to you?
You just don’t realise what life 
is truly about until you have a little mini version of yourself looking up at you. It’s just the best thing in the world. It’s weird because being a mum wasn’t my priority at the time. I do think you can do both – you can work and be a mum – and that’s what I’ve done this whole time. Being a mum is just life now. That’s just the way it is.

Is this pregnancy different 
to your last?
I’ve been sick a bit more and I’m tired because I’m looking after a three-year-old as well. You kind of forget to look after yourself as much.


How are you feeling about the transition from 
one child to two?
The only thing that ever scared me was that I thought Ella wouldn’t feel as loved. I got really worried about that. But then when I told Ella, she was so excited. Also, my mum told me that you don’t halve and split your love, you double it.

Do you know if you’re having a girl or a boy?
I do, it’s my little secret. It’s 
the only secret I can have. Ella knows and she tells the whole school. (Laughs)

How body confident do you feel with your bump?
I love my bump. I wear it as 
a badge of honour but I also can’t wait to trim down and fit into my old clothes.

Have you managed to 
keep fit and active during 
this pregnancy?
Noooo! Not really. I walk around the shops and that’s it.

How strict are you with 
your diet?
I just ate pie and mash, so you tell me. (Laughs) When you’re pregnant, you don’t need to be as strict. I was doing really well, and then I got pregnant and thought, ‘I’ll eat what I want.’ The baby wants it – it’s not me!

You left EastEnders earlier this year. What’s your dream role?
There are so many! I kind 
of want to do a comedy at the moment and show a different side. Lauren Branning was 
never funny – she just cried the whole time, bless her.

Were you ever worried about being typecast?
I think that’s an old-fashioned 
way to think. I’m not Lauren Branning – she doesn’t exist. You can break it. I mean, look 
at Michelle Keegan.

Is Ella showing any signs of following in your footsteps?
She loves dancing. I don’t know where she gets her moves from – it must be Daniel, because it’s definitely not me. (Laughs)

Speaking of dancing, would you ever do a reality TV show?
Strictly, no – I can’t dance. If everyone was in the same boat and no one could dance, I’d think about it. But I wouldn’t want to be up against people who’ve been to drama school and dancing their whole lives and then claim they don’t dance!

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