Prince Charles Broke Princess Diana’s Heart With These Five Words

‘The Sun’ reported after his insensitive statement, their marriage went downhill.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles were reportedly in a honeymoon phase of their marriage between the births of Prince William and Prince Harry. But The Sun reported that there were five words that Charles said to Diana that was the death knell to their happy union, right after she gave birth to their second son.

According to Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton in his book Diana: Her True Story, she revealed that the first thing her husband said to her when Harry was born was, “Oh God, it’s a boy.”

Although the future king of England insisted to his wife he was “joking,” Diana saw his comment differently.

The Sun reported that in the biography, Morton, with help from the princess, painted a picture of a woman who had a secret but was afraid to let it out to her husband.

Apparently, Diana already knew Prince Harry’s gender, “because I saw on the scan,” but deliberately kept it a secret from her husband because he’d always “wanted a girl” and that he would be disappointed.

In the book, revealed The Sun, it was noted that Prince Charles complained to his mother-in-law Frances Shand Kydd at Harry’s christening that he was “so disappointed, we thought it would be a girl.”

Allegedly, Shand Kydd reprimanded her son-in-law for his comment, remarking that he was “lucky” to have a healthy child. Reportedly, the two were not on good terms following their confrontation that day and in the years that followed after, Shand Kydd spoke out in support of her daughter.

It was his comments that dismayed the late princess and made her feel her marriage was beyond repair. Diana reportedly remarked that “something inside me closed off” as a result of the hurtful comments

The Sun reported that Diana called Prince Harry a “miracle” and “a complete joy” who helped her see through “total darkness.”

Princess Diana and Prince Charles eventually split in 1995 after 14 years of marriage. Vanity Fair noted that on July 15, 1996, in a room at Court Number One, Somerset House, it took three minutes to dissolve what was widely called around the world as the marriage of the century – H.R.H. the Prince of Wales and H.R.H. the Princess of Wales. The couple, who were not present at their hearing, were listed as Couple No. 31.

Princess Diana died in a tragic car accident in Paris two years later in 1997, survived by sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

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