Prince Estate May Release New Book of the Late Singer’s Lyrics and Poetry

Prince estate executives have outlined plans to cash in on the late superstar’s handwritten song lyrics and poetry by publishing them as collector’s books. Multiple reports reveal that they have filed documents seeking to produce printed content from the singer’s words.

It’s not known when they plan to publish the works, but the legal documents also make reference to unreleased photos, which could also be used in future coffee table books.

The music icon is known to have had a vault full of unreleased song recordings, but it wasn’t Prince’s only creative outlet. He also had a collection of writings, including a number of poems, which officials are now looking to profit from.

The news emerges shortly after Prince fans marked the second anniversary of his death on Saturday, April 21.

He died from an accidental drug overdose at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota in 2016, but on Thursday, April 19, prosecutors announced no criminal charges would be filed over his untimely passing due to a lack of evidence.

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