Prince Harry's Ex Wrote a Very Public Diary Entry About the Royal Wedding

When Meghan Markle officially filled the role of Mrs. Prince Harry on Saturday, the shattering of hearts could be heard across the world. But of course, no one felt the disappointment more acutely than Prince Harry’s exes, two of whom (Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas) attended his royal wedding ceremony on May 19. (And you thought running into your ex at Trader Joe’s was rough … )

It was reported earlier this week that Chelsy and Harry (who dated on-and-off for 7 years between 2004 and 2011) shared a tearful parting call ahead of the wedding.

As for Cressida, who dated the redheaded royal from 2012 to 2014, her farewell to duchessdom was hardly as dramatic. Like the good millennial lady she is, Cressie opened up about her ex’s big day via blog, sharing her “diary” entry with The Spectator.

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Not quite the emotional farewell we’d expected, Ms. Bonas chose to focus her post on, well, hats.

“Friends are starting to get married, which means the dilemma of British wedding attire,” Bonas wrote. “Hats. Why do I find hats so tricky? Tricky to wear, tricky to look at, and extremely tricky for the poor soul sitting in the pew behind. Most of the time I avoid headgear. This can prompt disapproving looks from the older generations.”

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Oh, and then she just casually slipped this in: “Last weekend I attended the royal wedding.” Same, Cressie, same. “The invitation clearly stated that guests must wear hats. Yikes. I opted for a minimal feathered number—and can only hope I got it right.”

For reference (we think she got it right):

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Anyway, it seems Bonas isn’t too broken up about her ex’s recent nuptials. It sounds like the royal life wouldn’t have worked out for her anyway—too many hats!

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