Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Savannah And Isla Phillips Get Animated At Trooping The Colour

The little ones were the highlights of the show at the Trooping the Colour.

Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Savannah and Isla Phillips may have upstaged newlywed, Meghan Markle, at Trooping the Colour on Saturday. The parade and balcony presentation was held in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday. The kids had front row seats on the balcony of Buckingham Palace as they stood in front of the other royals enjoying every moment of it, as reported by the BBC News.

When the flyby happened overhead, all four of them clapped and cheered. Savannah took it up a notch and started waving her arms in excitement. She seemed to be the most expressive while watching the jets fly by. She and Isla are the Queen’s great-granddaughters and cousins to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

At one point, Savannah tried to silence Prince George during the national anthem by putting her hand over his mouth. He was trying to sing along as the adults behind him were watching quietly. Savannah did her best to shush him. Princess Charlotte wanted nothing to do with that. She just turned her head to maybe not get herself into trouble. However, Prince William was seen watching them closely from behind.

Prince George seems to be goofier than his little sister, but he does a good job of keeping it together until he is out of the public eye. However, he does have his moments once in a while. He seemed to enjoy watching all of the hubbubs of the Trooping the Colour from the royal balcony.

Princess Charlotte has her royal wave down pat as seen when she uses it to wow the crowds nearby. She seems to be very much poised like her mother, Kate Middleton. She did have an incident during this event. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Charlotte took a tumble on the balcony while watching the activities. The Duchess of Cambridge had to pick her up to give her a little comfort. Her cousin Savannah also joined in to help give her some support. Charlotte quickly dried up her tears and continued on watching the events.

The Queen’s birthday is officially April 21, but the London weather is much better now than in April, so the festivities are held the second Saturday in June. The royals venture out to watch with Queen Elizabeth every year. According to The Telegraph, the youngsters were given books before the planes flew overhead to explain the different types of jets that would be flying by. Everyone, even the adults, had smiles on their faces as the Red Arrows flew over the crowd displaying the red, white, and blue colors streaming behind.

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