Priyanka Chopra Thinks Her Fighting Skills Would Bring Her in Trouble

The ‘Quantico’ star also reveals that she believes her mom had an ulterior motive to join her in the show’s season 3 filming in Italy and Ireland.

Priyanka Chopra is so confident in her fighting skills that she is certain she could take on a legitimate attacker. The former beauty queen has portrayed former FBI recruit Alex Parrish in ABC thriller series “Quantico” since 2015 and performs a variety of stunts in the show.

While Priyanka has grown to be competent in fighting onscreen, she shared during an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Wednesday night (May 02) that she may now be too proficient for her own good.

“I always do my own stunts. But now this weird thing has started happening. I’ve been Alex Parrish for three seasons now and I’ve started to believe I have her fighting skills,” she smiled. “If I get mugged in New York, I’m going to be all ready for it. And then someone’s just going to slap me and I’ll be out.”

While much of the “Quantico” shoot has taken place in Montreal and New York, some scenes in the third season were shot in Italy and Ireland.

Priyanka’s mother Madhu, who is also her business and producing partner, joined her for the shoot, but the star is certain that her mom had an ulterior motive.

“I think my mom just came for the beer. She’s a beer fan,” the 35-year-old laughed. “I think my mom just makes excuses to come in visit me when I’m in really interesting places in the world.”

In addition to working on “Quantico” and the upcoming film “Isn’t It Romantic“, which also stars Liam Hemsworth and Rebel Wilson, Priyanka is producing a number of Bollywood films. However, she admitted that she can rarely make a career decision without running it past her mother first.

“You can never yell at your mom,” she sighed. “When there’s a problem, or if you are having a disagreement, she always just gives you the eye. And then I’m just like, ‘Fine (I’ll do) whatever you want.'”

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