Queen Camilla ‘is now confident enough’ to do her own makeup for events

King Charles and Queen Camilla’s three-day tour of France was a success by most metrics. There were no big flubs or international incidents. President Macron was a gracious host, Charles and Camilla didn’t make much of a fuss, no events had to be canceled at the last minute and no one brought out a guillotine. Still, the tour wasn’t really a headline-grabber internationally or some huge narrative-changing event either – Charles’s environmental message was kneecapped back at home by the Sunak government, and while the British media lavished praise and attention on the king and queen, there was also a sense that it was all drudge work, that there really was no “spark” there, no magic, nothing special at all. Still, the palace must have demanded that every royal reporter write one nice thing about Camilla, so here we are: Rebecca English’s sources insist that Camilla does her own makeup. Just a short time after the Duchess of Sussex arrived in Germany without a glam squad and did her own hair and makeup? Sure.

It has been the question on everyone’s lips in Paris this week: just where is Queen Camilla getting her glow from? Well, the Mail can reveal that the make-up aritst behind Her Majesty’s radiant look is none other than… Camilla herself.

Far from employing a team of stylists since her husband King Charles’s accession last year, the 76-year-old royal has been teaching herself a few tricks of the beauty trade. And while Camilla did use make-up artist Julia Biddlecombe for her wedding to Charles in 2005 and for their first handful of big royal tours and events, Camilla is now confident enough to do her own looks for big public events.

‘Her Majesty does all of her make-up herself,’ a source in Paris confirmed. Another added: ‘Like a lot of ladies, she’s worked out what suits her maturing skin over the years. And yes, I’d agree that she’s looking the best she ever has. There’s a real radiance there. And that’s a tough look to pull off in front of so many cameras.’

While she is never one to take herself too seriously, Camilla has also noted carefully over the years the best way to pose for photographers who follow her. She had a team around her led by her talented and long-standing dresser, Jacqui Meakin, who also worked for the late Queen Mother, and has collaborated with the Queen to develop an elegant and unfussy style. Ms Meakin also has talent for spotting the eye-catching such as Camilla’s Anna Valentine jumpsuit and the Dior gown and cape she wore at Wednesday’s French state banquet at the Palace Versailles.

[From The Daily Mail]

In this week’s Gossip With Celebitchy podcast, CB surprised me by suggesting that Camilla has gotten some work done this year. I disagree! I think the Photoshop elves are just editing her photos more before they even go to photo agencies. I remember how ghastly Camilla looked at Wimbledon and that was July. Maybe she got some work over the summer and she hid out in Scotland until she healed. But I still say that it’s mostly airbrushing. And no, Camilla is not “glowing.” Nor does she do her own makeup, she’s just copying Meghan. Do you think Camilla would have plotted and schemed for decades just to become queen and end up doing her own makeup? She traveled with a glam squad, they just don’t want to admit that even if Britain’s best glam squad, Camilla still looks like an ancient nag.

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