Queen Naija Denies Keeping Ex Chris Sails From Their Son

Setting the record straight, the singer takes to Instagram to deny the allegations as she responds to Chris’ claims about having limited visitation when seeing his son.

AceShowbizQueen Naija has addressed allegations that she doesn’t allow ex Chris Sails to meet their son. Setting the record straight, the singer denied the allegations in an Instagram comment as she responded to Chris’ claims about having limited visitation when seeing his son.

Calling it a “cap,” Queen wrote, “he gets to see his son at least a week out of each month. He’s mad he only gets one month out of summer.” She went on explaining, “Based on the situations Cj has been put in whicle in his fathers care .. and the evidence I have in my files.. I’m being very lenient, so let’s tread lightly. Im protecting my son. hate when ppl play victim.”

“also, everyone with their 2cents could save it cause y’all speaking on only what y’all have seen not knowing there’s more. Apart of being a parent is leading by a GOOD example,” she added.

Her remarks arrived after Chris sails tweeted, “You break somebody heart that’s one thing. But trying to take they child away and give them a limited amount of time for 1 month the whole year is dead wrong.” He went on to say, “Smh… it’s fathers who don’t wanna be in they child life at all. I guess that’s what I get.”

Back in April 2020, Queen experienced a brief scare when she revealed on Instagram that she couldn’t locate her son after her ex Chris Sails was arrested in Texas. Asking help from her followers, she wrote on the platform, “I need my son now. Whoever has my son contact me NOW. If you guys know who Chris be around and with DM ME!! I can not locate my son ! Nobody is answering me.”

Fortunately, Queen quickly located her son. “To be clear, I found where my baby was & spoke to him & will be with him soon,” she shared the relieving news, before denying that she posted “something like this for attention.”

“I posted that on my story out of fear after receiving call from someone in the social services department. I then tried to contact only who I knew in Houston and nobody was answering me,” she added. “I only made a post in hopes of someone reaching out to me on IG who is around my son often, because I don’t know anyone’s socials. Everything is fine.”

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