R. Kelly Is Being Sued By A Woman For Intentionally Giving Her Herpes And For False Imprisonment

Faith Rodgers claims that R. Kelly was “grooming” her to be part of a sex cult.

A 20-year-old woman named Faith Rodgers is suing R. Kelly for sexual battery, false imprisonment, and for intentionally giving her herpes. Rodgers describes a year-long relationship with R. Kelly that started in 2017 when she was 19-years-old. Rogers met the singer at one of his shows in San Antonio, Texas, and the two exchanged phone numbers. They began to message each other frequently until R. Kelly flew her to one of his shows in New York.

The relationship between the two appears to be mainly sexual, according to the report by Buzzfeed. After the show in New York, Rodgers described how she was hesitant to have sexual relations. However, the two engaged in sexual intercourse. Rodgers says that it was “non-permissive, painful and abusive.” But that didn’t stop R. Kelly, who insulted her “lack of participation,” according to Buzzfeed. R. Kelly insisted he calls her “Daddy,” and called her his “little doll.” Kelly also said that he would “help her work on it” and that he wanted to “teach [Rodgers] and show [her] how to be a woman.”

Rodgers also claims that she was contacted by a relative of a different woman who had relations with R. Kelly, and told her that she should get tested for herpes. Even though Rodgers was screened for STIs prior to her encounter with R. Kelly, Rodgers found out that she had herpes. In New York, the law requires anyone who is aware of their herpes diagnosis to disclose it to their sexual partner.

The year-long relationship apparently was filled with mental and physical abuse, and Rodgers says that R. Kelly often recorded them having sexual intercourse even though she didn’t consent to it. Moreover, Rodgers says that R. Kelly would lock her in rooms as “punishment for failing to please him sexually.” Yahoo Entertainment also reported that R. Kelly would lock her in a van also for hours.

Some of the disturbing details that Rodgers is revealing about the singer include her belief that R. Kelly deliberately seeks underage girls for sexual encounters. She recalls a time when he said, “You can tell Daddy if you’re 16, you know. You look 14.” Rodgers also believes that R. Kelly was “grooming” her to be part of a sex cult.

Due to the other allegations surfacing about R. Kelly, some companies have taken direct action. Apple and Spotify have removed R. Kelly from their services, and a #MuteRKelly campaign is gaining steam.

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