Ramona Singer doesn’t know where Union Square is

She may star on “The Real Housewives of New York” — but Ramona Singer may as well have been a tourist on a recent subway ride downtown.

The reality star hopped on a southbound N train at 42nd Street last week — and didn’t know what Union Square was.

“Ramona looked around to everyone and exclaims, ‘What is Union Square? Is it 20th Street? Like, what is it? Fourteenth?’” a fan posted as part of a private “Housewives” Facebook group.

The witness added of the befuddled Bravo personality: “No one responds or looks at [Singer] … she looks directly at me, I manage to say, ‘It’s 14th.’ She says, ‘So, we passed 20th already?’ and follows me off the train … All I can manage to do is look at her sorrowfully and say, ‘Ummmmm … yeah, ya did,’ to which she says, ‘Damn!’ ”

When reached for comment, Singer told Page Six: “I didn’t say ‘Damn.’ I was thinking, ‘S—t, how did I miss 20th Street?’ I was on my phone looking at emails. I was going to the doctor. I know Union Square! I was double-checking. I missed a stop.”

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