Rashida Jones, Donald Glover team up for Time’s Up PSA

Rashida Jones and Donald Glover have teamed up for a Time’s Up PSA targeted at providing a better understanding “of workplace rules of engagement.” The animated video is directed by Jones with Glover providing his voice talents as the narrator.

“Do you simply not know how to behave at work anymore? Fear not,” Glover insists, for the video provides an instructional guide to answer “frequently asked questions about sexual harassment.”

The questions range from “Is it OK to greet your coworker with a deep, full body hug or mouth kiss?” to “Is it OK to tell your coworker that you think they look sexy in their pants?” Both answers are unequivocal “no’s.” However, the video explains how thinking a coworker looks sexy in their pants is fine.

Additionally, the video addresses “where things start to get confusing,” like when it comes to asking someone out at work. Glover cautions viewers to consider questions like “what kind of power dynamic exists” and if “you have a more secure job.” Glover lastly encourages employees to refuse to act as bystanders in the workplace when “you weren’t making the inappropriate comments or doing the groping, but you’ve seen it and you’ve heard rumors.” Instead, he deems that it is your problem, too.

The video concludes with the hope of fostering collaboration among coworkers to endeavor to be “more sensitive, aware, and open to learning a new way” in order to make everyone feel respected and safe at work. However, Glover jests that if confusion is still prevalent, to head to “www.dontpullyour*bleep*outatwork.obviously” for more information.

Time’s Up’s real website is www.timesupnow.com.

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